Kelvin Atlas, the first open portal to search for specific information about a territory
  • Case Study:
    • Sabadell Bank - Kelvin Atlas
  • Industry:
    • Banking
  • Capabilities:
    • Big Data
    • User Experience Design
    • Technology Strategy
    • Data intelligence
    • Design Thinking

Kelvin Atlas is the first open data portal that, thanks to the processing of large volumes of data, totally anonymous and protected from the financial sector, allows any user to know the economic, commercial and tourist dynamics of a specific territory.

Kelvin Atlas visualizes stories that talk about our cities, towns and neighborhoods, providing high value information for companies, researchers, public institutions and citizens in general.

Our starting point

Large amount of raw data in Sabadell Bank's database

Sabadell Bank collects and processes daily the data related to the purchases of its POS terminals distributed throughout Spain. The preliminary work of Bestiario_ was to analyze and accompany those Bank's managers in the conceptualization and transformation of this huge amount of data into a great added value tool for consultation of economic information.

Our goal

An easily accessible information portal for a public of non-specialists or experts

We proposed the creation of a tool capable of reading all that data and converting it into useful information, capable of understanding the environment and guiding the decision making of its users. Therefore, Kelvin Atlas has been designed to meet this goal. A portal that makes available to the general public the tools to navigate the information in very different ways.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, the user can access and explore large amount of data both throughout Spain and autonomous community, province and even municipality and districts of large cities.

What we have done

Conceptualization, design and development

Kelvin Atlas offers its users the possibility to consult and visualize on maps, indicators of consumption to different scales and filtered by geographical scope, sector, temporary profile (purchases by days and hours) and type of consumer (nationality, gender and age). Although a standard navigation type exists by default, we allow the user to navigate this entire universe of data according to their needs, areas of interest and capabilities.