Desigual's real time sales dashboard.
  • Case Study:
    • Desigual
  • Industry:
    • Research
    • Retail
  • Capabilities:
    • Communication
    • Strategy
    • Graphic Design

Most of our clients face the challenge of transforming their data management processes to get the information they need to take decisions. In many cases, these processes are costly and slow, involve large teams of professionals and require multiple layers of data transformation (Gathering, Mixing, Transformation, Aggregation and Presentation). Beyond the cost of this organizational system, these types of structures penalize the quality of the information at two critical levels: time-to-data and the high probability of generating errors.

In this context, Bestiario developed for DESIGUAL this project whose objective is to connect and synthesize through an interactive tool all the information coming from the Google Analytics API and in this way have a real-time system that allows them to monitor the behavior of their online store.

This application also has the interest of allowing the easy comparison of scenarios, the user can define two different queries to the database and compare them graphically on the same screen, which helps the information analysis processes.