Ferran Adrià: Auditing the creative process
  • Case Study:
    • What is needed to nurture creativity?
  • Industry:
    • Culture
    • Luxury
    • Art
  • Capabilities:
    • Communication Strategy
    • Graphic Design
    • Environmental Design
    • Design Thinking
    • Data Visualization

Is it possible to be creative simply by chance? What is needed to nurture creativity? The exhibition Ferran Adrià:? Auditing the creative process, is the result of the work of a multidisciplinary team which, from its headquarters in elBulliLab in Barcelona, is studying and decoding the creative process. They are convinced that behind elBulli is a model that can be exported, and their dream is to share it with the rest of the world. Because all of us, Adrià says, can be creative. "

In January 2014, Fundación Telefónica asked us to work on the exhibition that they were putting together on the work of Ferran Adrià. What at first was to be limited to a couple of digital applications grew into a thrilling job, over almost a year, with Ferran and the elBulliDNA team, in which we help them conceptualize two of the mainstays of the new Adrià Universe: the Decoding of the Gastronomic Process and the Map of the Creative Process.

For the exhibition we took charge of the creation of the poster, the conceptualization (always in consultation with Ferran Adrià and the elBulliDNA team) of almost the majority of the pieces, the graphic image, various interactive displays, presentation dossiers, etc … But first and foremost, and most importantly, we sought to present the ideas of the genius Ferran Adrià in a logical, visible discourse so as to share them with the rest of the universe that surrounds this global guru, as the journalist Jesús Rodríguez has defined him in El País.

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