It's a simple and very powerful tool to produce websites and interactive visualizations
Alberto Cairo
  • Case Study:
    • Quadrigram
  • Industry:
    • Social
  • Capabilities:
    • Data visualization

Quadrigram is a data visualizaton tool to create and share data stories. Its intuitive interface allows users to design interactive narratives by merging graphic elements, such as texts, images, videos, charts and controls. Users can then, publish their work as fully functional websites or interactive slide presentations without the need of coding skills. Readers can browse the story and discover their own findings, creating their unique synthesis.

Quadrigram is being used by a wide range of professionals across several industries, such as entrepreneurs building dashboards that monitor corporate data, journalists writing interactive articles that match current needs of modern storytelling or consultants presenting interactive slides that give them freedom to interact with data while disscusing any topic with their audiences.