Hyperhabitat: reprogramming the world
  • Case Study:
    • Hyperhabitat: reprogramming the world
  • Industry:
    • Social
  • Capabilities:
    • Data visualization

The 2008 Venice Biennale was curated by Aaron Betsky on the theme ‘Out There: Architecture Beyond Building’.

For our contribution we decided to set up an international consortium involving Guallart Architects, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, The Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT and Bestiario_.

Our project, entitled ‘Hyperhabitat: Reprogramming the World’, sought to take the idea of the multiscale habitat to the limit.

Hyperhabitat is a model for defining the physical world in terms compatible with the digital world using the principles of a network. This serves to define a multiscale structure that can use the same principles to link any element of the physical world capable of having a digital identity, so that the world can be re-programmed by identifying new relational systems composed of local and global systems.