The central idea of the exhibition is that violence isn’t an exception or an accident; on the contrary, it is a sort of continuous sound atmosphere.
  • Case Study:
    • 60 dB / 16 kHz. BCN. Can you hear the violence?
  • Industry:
    • Culture
    • Social
    • Architecture
  • Capabilities:
    • User Experience Design
    • Design Thinking
    • Environmental Design
    • Communication Strategy

60 dB / 16 kHz. BCN. Can you hear the violence? is a collective documentary exhibition that aims to reflect on certain forms of non-explicit violence that take place in a city like Barcelona. The materials in the exhibition are the result of varied artistic and anthropological research, as well as the experiences of different activist organizations.

The Bestiario_ team have dealt with the conceptualization, design, creation of graphic materials and assembly. The difficulty of the request was both the heterogeneity of the various exhibits and the deliberate lack of argumentative thesis. Our challenge has been getting a narrative skin based on design, which would give coherence and narrative sense to it.